EarthMaid uses natural ingredients including herbs, water, and essential oils.

We make each product in small, handmade batches under either a full or new moon.

We have two basic types of cleaners to offer:

16 0unce Glass bottles


Our surface disinfectants are used to clean the first couple layers of your problem spots. Scents such as peppermint, lemongrass, and eucalyptus can be used to combat various seasonal pests.


Our deep cleaners are meant to reach the deep grime and dirt in and around your home. Each product has its own unique scent, ranging from citrus to lavender.

Monster Spray

Our best seller and most versatile; made with lavender essential oils. Good for all seasons. Helps control fleas, head lice, moths, bedbugs, and can be used as an antibacterial for all surfaces. 

Peppermint Glass Cleaner

Our glass cleaner is made with peppermint. This is good for all types of shiny surfaces.

Spring Fever

We use lemongrass and tangerine oils to fight the spring and summer pests, disinfect, and shine surfaces.

Sick Blend

With a blend of eucalyptus and lemon, we are promoting healthy breathing.

Fall Blend

This blend of clove, citronella, and patchouli is great in the war against ants. Can also be used to shine surfaces after or between a Deep Cleaner.

Summertime Lime

Using the scents of cilantro and lime essential oils, we've created yet another pest control and disinfectant.

**All deep cleaners contain salts in order to break down and pull out dirt from below the surface; best used with a wet rag.


A blend of patchouli and orange oils is great for deep cleaning wood; removes embedded dirt and odors.

Fruit Loopz

This is a blend of all things citrus used to create an excellent degreaser. Additionally, it is great for kitchen appliances and anything with a sticky surface.


A combination of citronella and lime is great for patios and entryways.

Mildew Cleaner

We use tea tree essential oils to control germs and molds throughout the common household.

Bathroom Blend

A blend of tea tree and lavender helps to create a less medicinal scent; an amazing solution used specifically to clean the realm of the bathroom.