In the early 90s, when my children were young, my middle son suffered from asthma and chemical sensitivities. I found it easier to figure out what may be irritating him by making our own products with fewer and more-natural ingredients. After a friend had given me an article about essential oils, I was able to make our own household cleaners using those trace elements with the knowledge that essential oils are antibacterial, linking cleaning with aromatherapy.

We make all of our products in small, handmade batches under a new or full moon. We use the natural ingredients of herbs, water, essential oils; some incorporate fruits and/or mineral salts.

Today, my daughter and I own and operate a small hair salon called Bozalodz, in Tremont, Ohio. We sell only handmade, locally produced retail, including our EarthMaid line. We offer a low maintenance approach to the beauty industry and are one of the only salons to offer Henna hair coloring and other traditional, low maintenance styles and colors.